Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"A Lafayette attorney is considering filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission over the lyrics to a song by the popular local band Jamie Bergeron & the Kickin' Cajuns." (See: "Song sparks controversy, possible FCC charge").

"The song in question is "RCA (Registered Coonass)." id. 

"Cajuns are considered a protected class under the Civil Rights Act."  id.

I can tell you that as a French surnamed individual, I have no objections to the word "coonass". As long as it is not meant in a derogatory fashion, I have no problem with it. 

I think that we are taking this matter too far when political correctness dictates that you cannot use the words Coonass, Nigger, Spic, WOP or Kraut any longer. They are just words. Get over it.

By the way, here is Bergeron doing "Cajun Rap Song", which I think that the original version by Cypress City out of Marksville is much better: